TableĀ 2.

Factors affecting speed selection during inter-thermal glides. The GAMM output predicts the effect of the starting altitude (lme) and the time through the glide (glide step) (as an additive effect; gam) in interaction with glide type (informed or uninformed) (n = 857) on airspeed. There is a significant pattern of change in airspeed through the glide for both glide types, although this was more complex for uninformed glides than it was for informed glides, as indicated by the estimated degrees of freedom (EDF). Airspeed in the glide was also greater for glides starting at a high altitude.

starting altitude0.0040.00084.31<0.0001
glide step: uninformed5.90660.08<0.0001
glide step: informed1.90634.15<0.0001