Table 1.

Mean blood flow at the aortic branches used for tuning the Windkessel parameters.

locationmean flow, Embedded Image (ml s−1)source/expressionreference
inlet134.52D PC-MRIn.a.
RCC12.72D PC-MRIn.a.
LCC8.92D PC-MRIn.a.
RSA/LSA9.8Embedded Imagean.a.
CT20.7Embedded Imagea[22]
SMA14.0Embedded Imagea[22]
RRA/LRA14.0Embedded Imagea[22]
AbAo30.52D PC-MRIn.a.
  • aEmbedded Image, mean flow at the descending aorta obtained from 2D PC-MRI data (plane E in figure 1).