Table 5.

Summary the results of the Mann–Whitney U-test for isotropy (i.e. C11 = C22), for each patient and tissue condition, when different ROI sizes are used. H = 0: no statistically significant difference (isotropy); H = 1: statistically significant difference (anisotropy).

Patient 1/non-cancer/ROI size: 0.67 mm11.70×10−18
Patient 1/non-cancer/ ROI size: 1.34 mm00.6927
Patient 1/non-cancer/ ROI size: 2.68 mm00.5203
Patient 2/non-cancer/ROI size: 0.67 mm17.4951×10−5
Patient 2/non-cancer/ ROI size: 1.34 mm00.5182
Patient 2/non-cancer/ ROI size: 2.68 mm00.1463
Patient 1/cancer/ROI size: 0.67 mm10.0413
Patient 1/cancer/ ROI size: 1.34 mm00.2814
Patient 1/cancer/ ROI size: 2.68 mm00.6458
Patient 2/cancer/ROI size: 0.67 mm14.7686×10−4
Patient 2/cancer/ ROI size: 1.34 mm00.9554
Patient 2/cancer/ ROI size: 2.68 mm00.5894