Table 2.

Statistical testing framework to test the influence of shape, size, biomechanical determinants and trait presence on each other and to test phylogenetic signal. AAR, anterior acetabular ridge; PCR, posterior condylar ridge; MR, median ridge; LR, lateral ridge, JRF, joint reaction force; MPD, median peak displacement; PIC, phylogenetic independent contrasts. For the definition of JRF angles please refer to figure 6. Italic font indicates significant values.

tested traitsKp-value
kappaJRF (α)0.910.0127
JRF (β)0.890.0185
JRF (γ)0.570.2133
JRF (δ)0.550.2460
JRF (θ)0.260.9054
JRF (η)0.290.8175
Procrustes PGLSshape versus size0.07580.7373
shape versus MPDs0.07020.5726
shape versus JRF (α)0.04320.7568
shape versus JRF (β)0.04240.5351
shape versus JRF (γ)0.14300.2442
shape versus JRF (δ)0.12460.2523
shape versus JRF (θ)0.06400.9732
shape versus JRF (η)0.10700.8429
shape versus MA0.07620.0904
PICsize versus MPDs0.09270.0972
JRF (α) versus MPDs0.00050.9222
JRF (β) versus MPDs0.03280.4319
JRF (γ) versus MPDs0.05980.2854
JRF (δ) versus MPDs0.00100.8900
JRF (θ) versus MPDs0.12810.1112
JRF (η) versus MPDs0.10210.1580
MA versus MPDs0.34390.0052
JRF (α) versus size0.05040.3280
JRF (β) versus size0.01430.6063
JRF (γ) versus size0.07140.2417
JRF (δ) versus size0.07100.2431
JRF (θ) versus size0.27390.0149
JRF (η) versus size0.38360.0028
MA versus size0.16250.0700
estimated Dno phyl.sig [p] (BM.sig [p])
Phyl. signal in ridge presenceAAR0.670.27 (0.21)
PCR−0.320.06 (0.65)
MR−2.741 (0.02)
LR0.780.33 (0.16)
likelihood ratiop-value
pairwise correlation of ridgesAAR | PCR2.10310.7168
AAR | MR0.97360.9138
AAR | LR5.82010.2138
PCR | MR2.64250.4742
PCR | LR6.05300.1945
MR | LR1.41660.8413