Table 1.

Parameter values in both epidemic and endemic settings. Italicized parameter values differ between the endemic and epidemic setting.

symboldescriptionendemic valueepidemic valuereferences
bhuman birth and death rates (d−1)6.8 × 10−56.8 × 10−5
βtransmission rate (rate of exposure)0.06–0.170.06–0.17[16,17]
γrecovery rate (d−1)0.20.2[17]
Embedded ImageVibrio excretion rate (cells ml d−1)1010[16]
κconcentration with 50% chance of infection (cells ml−1)106106[16]
δVibrio decay rate in environment (d−1)0.0670.033–0.33[1820]
σseasonal amplitude in δt0.40.95
ωNloss of natural immunity (d−1)0.000270.00027[21]
τvaccine efficacy0.750.75[2225]
ωVloss of vaccine-derived immunity (d−1)0.000550.00055[23,26]