Table 2.

Young's modulus (E) and hardness (H) average values for each pCO2 condition presented for calcite new growth (NG) samples and newest aragonite samples containing calcite older growth (OG). Standard deviation (s.d.) and % coefficient of variation (%COV) are reported for the 24–45 indents per mussel shell calcite NG, 9–14 indents per mussel shell aragonite and 25–40 indents per mussel shell calcite OG.

pCO2 conditionmineralE (GPa)s.d.%COVH (GPa)s.d.%COV
380calcite NG69.601.652.372.760.114.06
550calcite NG70.391.622.302.970.134.32
750calcite NG80.521.662.072.880.175.87
1000calcite NG73.033.655.002.840.093.30
380 + 2°Ccalcite NG68.102.403.522.830.186.52
750 + 2°Ccalcite NG72.152.783.852.770.145.00
1000 + 2°Ccalcite NG70.351.281.822.740.082.94
380 + 2°Caragonite81.692.833.464.390.204.52
750 + 2°Caragonite82.724.875.893.940.246.07
1000 + 2°Caragonite82.263.624.403.950.4110.27
380calcite OG72.302.012.782.830.134.76
550calcite OG71.942.213.072.930.113.90
750calcite OG74.901.632.
1000calcite OG76.811.902.473.120.134.19
380 + 2°Ccalcite OG71.
750 + 2°Ccalcite OG75.772.613.443.200.134.03
1000 + 2°Ccalcite OG70.972.