Table 2.

Currently commercially available or marketed epidermal constructs. HAM, hyaluronic acid membrane (microperforated); auto, autologous; allo, allogeneic; xeno, xenogeneic; recomb, recombinant; synth, synthetic.

brand name/manufacturerschematic representationincorporated human cellsprimary cellular loading occurscell sourcescaffold sourcescaffold materialduration of the cover
Epicel Genzyme Biosurgery, Cambridge, MA, USAEmbedded Imagecultured keratinocytes (confluent cell sheet)in vitroautopermanent
EpiDex Modex Therapeutiques, Lausanne, SwitzerlandEmbedded Imagecultured keratinocytes from outer root sheath of scalp hair follicles (confluent cell sheet)in vitroautopermanent
EPIBASE Laboratoires Genevrier, Sophia-Antipolis, Nice, FranceEmbedded Imagecultured keratinocytes (confluent cell sheet)in vitroautopermanent
MySkin CellTran Ltd, Sheffield, UKEmbedded Imagecultured keratinocytes (subconfluent cell sheet)in vitroautosynthsilicone support layer with a specially formulated surface coatingpermanent
Laserskin or Vivoderm Fidia Advanced Biopolymers, Padua, ItalyEmbedded Imagecultured keratinocytes (confluent cell sheet)in vitroautorecombHAMpermanent
Bioseed-S BioTissue Technologies GmbH, Freiburg, GermanyEmbedded Imagecultured keratinocytes (subconfluent cell suspension)in vitroautoallofibrin sealantpermanent
CellSpray Clinical Cell Culture (C3), Perth, AustraliaEmbedded Imagenon-/cultured keratinocytes (subconfluent cell suspension)in vitroautopermanent