TableĀ 2.

The peak activation values of the jaw closer muscles (expressed as a percentage of their maximum force) during molar and incisor biting. As incisor biting consists of symmetric jaw opening/closing about the midplane, the majority of muscle activations are the same on both the balancing and working sides.

musclemolar shearingmolar crushingincisor biting
superficial masseter11.331.629.36.938.7
posterior deep masseter80.245.331.4100.0100.0
ant. zygo.mandibularis33.317.313.143.970.0a
post. zygo.mandibularis65.741.125.799.1100.0
sup. temporalis100.083.949.8100.0100.0
deep temporalis61.673.882.365.1100.0
medial pterygoid17.728.646.211.262.3a
lateral pterygoid72.65.550.62.211.4a
  • aAverage activation between the balancing and working sides.