Table 1.

Simulated movement paths were generated using three distributions. These were re-sampled at two rates (r)—one in two locations (half) and one in six locations (one-sixth) and movement path recreated. The parameters (mean (α) and shape (k)) of re-fitted distributions to the paths generated by that distribution are given with 95% confidence estimates. The mean Akaike weight of the re-fitted distribution when compared with the fit of other distributions and percentage of correctly assigned distributions is presented.

r = 1/2r = 1/6
original distribution% correctAkaike weightαk% correctAkaike weightαk
Gaussian (α = 10, σ = 1)100120.3 (0.1)770.74847.6 (0.33)
gamma (k = 2, θ = 100)1000.9962.33 (0.03)870.8453.84 (0.11)
generalized Pareto (k = 1, θ = 100)10011.95 (0.02)990.9840.56 (0.05)