Table 2.

The two top-ranked models and the intercept-only model. Full results are shown in the electronic supplementary material, table S1. All models have random effects: individual shark (ID). Also shown are the number of estimable model parameters (k), maximum log-likelihood (LL), Akaike's information criterion corrected for small samples (AICc), the difference in AICc for each model from the top-ranked model (ΔAICc) and the model weight (wAICc).

∼ min. temp + bout type + (1|ID)6−1692.213396.4800.70
∼ min. temp × bout type + (1|ID)8−1691.063398.221.740.30
∼ 1 (NULL model) + (1|ID)3−1792.173590.34193.86<0.01